The 123 of ABM Workshop – Account-Based Marketing for your business

Collective Learning – Level 2 (Intermediate)

Course Code: FC123ABM

Account Based Marketing Workshop


Account-based marketing is a strategy that focuses on engaging with your key accounts and various stake-holders across the targeted business.

Building personalized, relevant 1-to-1 content and insightful messaging through a tiered approach is going give you that competitive edge and drive growth.

This program will help you focus on marketing to the whole organisation rather than just one persona as per usual in B2B marketing.

By attending this workshop, you will gain an understanding of a clear ABM strategy that shifts your B2B marketing communications to a new level.

B2B communications is traditionally characterized by numbing sameness, we help make you stand out in a crowded space.

Commoditized benefits and all out feature wars with endless lists of product benefits.  Parity is everywhere, making no headway in cutting through the noise.

We will share best practices on creative content with emotional appeal and how to avoid the typical B2B trap e.g. the usual case study of key benefits, lacking appeal and emotion.

When marketing to your customers, appealing to logic gets you into the consideration phase, but doesn’t differentiate you.

 It potentially gets you through the door and then, inevitably, it comes down to price.

Your B2B communication needs to become customer centric B2P and that they need to discover what personal value your audience is seeking.

Business rational through commercial insights will be part of the workshop and how to identify value for each decision maker across the buying journey.

This program will provide you with an ABM mindset which will support and drive your Brand to create thought leadership and deliver your brand vision.

 Highlighting personal and business value to customers through the process.

By providing you with templates and a framework on how to combine rational commercial insights (business value) with engaging personal value to the customer (emotion)

This Collective Level 2 Intermediate workshop will help provide you with a new perspective and focus on the strategy, planning, creation and implementation of ABM.

Delivering a new customer focused account planning within your business. For greater success and sales results.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for SME Sales and Marketing teams, looking at targeting their key customer and prospective customers,

whose role involves, personalized marketing, account management, product management, campaigns, marketing & sales planning, customer acquisition programs.

What you will Learn & Gain

  • How to Build and implement an ABM program fit for your business maturity stage.
  • Knowledge of Creating Customer Centric vs Product Centric targeted communications.
  • Templates to help select the Accounts you wish to target and how to place them into a tiered framework.
  • Tactics to discover the key contacts and buyers within each account.
  • Discovery process how to gain customer insights
  • Knowledge on Creating Content that speaks to the account directly and creates a wow factor.
  • Tools to create an activity calendar and plan/ co-ordinate teams to work together around the plan.
  • How to choose the most relevant targeted channels by account (Social, Events, PR & Direct Mail).
  • How to Measure and adjust your strategy as needed.
  • Understanding of your customers pain points and your value proposition.
  • Choosing the right accounts and best practice examples

Why Join our Fresh Lab Workshop?

  • Experienced trainers with global real-world business knowledge to support your growth.
  • Global and local best practice sharing, you can use straight away after the training.
  • Interactive and a great networking opportunity.
  • Practical outcome focused training methods – Strategic and practical based learning
  • Small class sizes – No more than 14 people to ensure you get the most from our program.
  • It is Personal and authentic helping you gain more than just the normal marketing handouts from classroom trainings or seminars
  • Customizable Templates and knowledge sharing that will help your teams and you transform your current sales and marketing efforts.

Are you ready to shape your future ABM success?

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Workshop Dates

Flexible and Fixed Dates Duration of Course Venue – Skype or on site
Feb – July 2019 5 – 7 hours
  • Live Online Training for International or remote teams
  • Pre-determined Venue
  • Your Office space

* Terms and Conditions apply

Workshop Facilitator

Nigel Taylor

Nigel has over 20 years, experience in Sales, Marketing & Communications at a senior level within Global Brands such as Canon and Huawei.

He has also worked in SME and Tech Startups focusing on Brand, customer and organizational effectiveness programs.

His authentic, collective approach is unique and helps build a positive environment for creative sharing.

Supporting your growth during the program to gain maximum value out of your experience.