Fresh Collective – Our Story

Our core focus is to help transform companies and leaders, through strategic Brand, Marketing, and organisational consulting with practical delivery focused outcomes to build innovative, trusted brands, teams and businesses together.

In today’s world of fast-paced change and transformation, customers are expecting more authenticity with measured value. There is also an ever-increasing pressure on new customer experiences, digital transformation, cost efficiencies, employee engagement and brand purpose.

Activating new processes, resources, customer projects or finding fresh ways of communicating can seem daunting and costly, requiring key skills which not every organisation has available on tap.

In order to help businesses grow, transform and evolve, I created Fresh Collective: Your collective know-how partner. Providing customised on-demand solutions and leadership consulting for you, when your business needs the know-how to move ahead but is lacking the resources or fresh perspective internally to reposition its people or growth strategy.


The Fresh Collective network is the perfect solution for your ambitious business needs, with over 20 years of experience across global top 100 brands, SME and start-ups on a global and local level.

Through our on-demand brief and budget model, we work through the marketing, communications and organisational challenges you face with fresh eyes to create Eureka moments for you.

Our shared services model delivers expertise in key areas to support your business and people every step of the way.

About Us

Building brands with purpose and engaged teams is critical to any modern business.

Collectively our vision, passion and goals are, to ensure you differentiate your brand and people through innovation, implementable learnings and authentic partnerships, creating happy customers and happy employees.

Making your Brand distinctive, supporting growth locally and globally is our ambition for every client and partner that works with us.

At Fresh Collective we provide end to end strategic consulting with delivery focused outcomes for your Business transformation, project, or new venture.

Focusing on fresh perspectives via insights, positioning and collective innovation to ensure success from short term to long term strategic goals, right through to implementation and measuring your success.

We help you deliver a consistent customer and people centric strategy that is effective and profitable.

Fresh Collective CEO – Nigel Taylor

Nigel has worked at senior-level positions across multiple industries and over a variety of geographical locations such as Africa, Asia, the UK and Europe. Having worked within small to medium size enterprises through to Top 100 Global companies such as Canon and Huawei, Nigel has lead, developed and managed large teams and Agency partners across Brand, digital, organisational transformation, marketing and communication programs with a core focus on innovation and customer centricity.

Nigel Taylor

We specialise in fresh ideas that work, simplifying complex problems, building end-to-end marketing, brand and communication strategies. Delivering powerful, integrated work to collectively grow your brand, leaders and individual employees, helping solve key pain points and know-how gaps within your business.

Simply put, providing brands with external marketing resources and management consultancy on tap. Helping to drive your success in the most, professional and cost-effective way.  Nigel Taylor


We provide collective know how for on-demand projects and briefs – big or small.

Marketing on-demand services

  • Full agency services management
  • Project-based management
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Account Based Marketing

Design, Content and creative storytelling

  • Full-scope design services: websites, Pitch presentations, infographics, packaging, corporate design.
  • Content creation and project management
  • Campaigns
  • New product launches
  • Photography and video production

Brand and communication strategy

  • Brand positioning, identity and purpose mapping
  • Customer communication strategy
  • Local and global planning and brand management
  • Internal communication


  • Digital transformation and strategy consulting
  • Social media management and training
  • Lead generation
  • SEO

Leadership development and coaching

  • Team development
  • Leadership programmes
  • Employee Happiness

Events management

  • Design, production and delivery of modular, custom exhibition stands and innovation hubs
  • Internal-external event management
  • Customer experiences management

Our Approach

At Fresh Collective we help you through every step of your business and individual growth phases, creating simplicity out the complexity of business challenges and supporting leadership and senior marketing or communication resource gaps is what we do best.

Awakening collaboration and having an integrated approach is the key to your competitive advantage, with our dedicated partners, accessing knowledge when and how you need it to deliver on any aspect of your business success is simple.

The art of having a fresh perspective in life and business is significant in any brand or individual’s story and will be in your journey with us, as it is associated with a new beginning as well as balance, so we have created key areas of focus to partner with know-how experts in each area to support you with all your on-demand requirements, be it a Strategic Account -Based Marketing Program, a major brand refresh or a simple customer centric content piece you need to have created.

Our brief and budget model is the answer to bringing it all together in a simple and cost -effective manner which allows us to get to know your business better and deliver fresh ideas that work through a collaborative 6 step process.


Fresh lab workshops and facilitation

Custom built for our clients’ needs, challenges and industry pain points. Our innovative fresh lab workshops help our clients gain a new perspective and play a key part as ‘collective’ collaboration partners building together Eureka moments and solutions out of their predefined pain points.

We facilitate and create the very best environments to help fresh perspectives and ideas thrive.

Our top 8 fresh lab workshops which can be customised to meet your specific needs:

1. Customer Centric Mindset

Building and facilitating a step by step mindset focusing on customer centricity, looking at each customer touchpoint in your business.
We will take you through our 360-review framework of how you evaluate customer satisfaction, build stronger value propositions and create customer loyalty for future success using new channels and fresh ideas.

2. Account Based Marketing

This program will provide you with an ABM mindset which will support and drive your Brand to create thought leadership and deliver your brand vision.

How to Build and implement an ABM program fit for your business maturity stage.

Knowledge of Creating Customer Centric vs Product Centric targeted communications.

Templates to help select the Accounts you wish to target and how to place them into a tiered framework.

Tactics to discover the key contacts and buyers within each account.

Discovery process how to gain customer insights

Delivering a new customer focused account planning within your business. For greater success and sales results.


3. Creative know-how

Practical hands-on workshop helping teams and individuals become content creators and storytellers.

4. Collective Leadership

Mind coaching for new managers and virtual teams. Building Global superstars and breaking down silos.

5. Brand Storm

Re-positioning your brand communications strategy and thinking.
Shifting your focus to a customer-centric organisation, using the Fresh Lab workshop methodology we will stress test perception vs reality of your brand strengths and weaknesses internally and externally.
Find fresh perspectives to drive future success in strengthening your brand’s vision and direction.

6. Emotion-“ILL”

Coping with emotional stress and work pressures, mindfulness techniques for a balanced life. How to motivate teams and individuals, helping them to activate business and personal success through well being toolkits.

7. The Big Pitcher

Creating the perfect pitch for winning business, funding, or new customers. Our know how experts will provide you with tailored best practice principles on pitching at all levels . How to building value propositions and messages that are targeted, relevant and presented with confidence.

8. The Happy Employee

An innovative happiness workshop, how finding happiness at work can improve productivity.
Improving engagement and culture within the organisation, aligning thinking as a collective team to achieve success. Building trust and finding the voice of your staff within the company to improve true commitment to the growth of people, customers and the common goals of the company. Happy staff equals happy customers.

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